Get a free £10 gift card when you send us a video review!

It couldn't be simpler - record a 20-50 second video telling us what you think about your recent purchase and we will send you a £10 gift card!

Step 1

Grab a smartphone or tablet that can record video, as well as your Tobias & the Bear item (if your baby is wearing it, even better!)

Step 2

Record a short video (20-50 seconds long) telling us what you think of your recent purchase.

Video Requirements

To qualify for the gift card, you must:

  • Mention our name (Tobias & the Bear)
  • Clearly show your face and our product in the video (with or without your baby/child)
  • Talk about both the product and your shopping experience
Step 3

Email your video to and wait for your £10 gift card to arrive by email!


Successful videos will be used across the Tobias & the Bear website and marketing. Videos containing inappropriate content (bad language, nudity etc) will not be used and will not be awarded the £10 gift card.