Organic and kind

Looking after our kids and their future is important to us. As a business, this means we do a few important things, but the biggest, and the simplest, is that kindness always comes first.


We make sure our clothes are comfortable. When we first launched Tobias & the Bear, we did so because we couldn’t find any comfy clothes for our baby boys so we set about designing and manufacturing the softest cotton leggings around and took it from there. To this day, if the fabrics aren’t delicious and buttery, gentle to skin, and get even softer with washing, they don’t make the cut.


We use premium proprietary OCS 100 organic certified cotton. It’s kinder to children’s skin, and kinder to the environment. This is because growers of organic cotton don’t use harmful or toxic pesticides and are forbidden to use genetically engineered seed too. They are credited with a method of farming that has a low impact on our planet and that sounds pretty good to us.

Natural rubber

Our rain boots are the most sustainable they can be, using 40% natural recyclable rubber. The boot box is made from recycled materials and is also recyclable and the inks used are all PVC and phthalate-free.


We've looked at every layer of our packaging. We’ve reduced waste by removing the tissue paper and stickers from our non-gift orders, replacing this unnecessary layer of wrap with an upgraded version of our garment bags. These new garment bags are now made from recycled and recyclable materials. Likewise, our cardboard gift boxes are also recycled and recyclable. And what about our postal bags that need to be both durable and weather-proof? Well, we've found a brilliant alternative and now have mailers that are made from a starch-based biodegradable material which is 'OK Compost' certified. Hurrah to that!

Water-based inks

We print with water based inks to make sure we’re kind to the softest of skin and to our fragile planet. This means our inks don't contain any harmful PVC or phthalates which are not only harmful to the environment but are also linked to numerous medical issues. By choosing water-based, we don't lose out on quality but we do have a much kinder end result.


We’re cool and we’re cute but we’re also FUN because we really believe that a playful world is a happy, kind world. We hope that our family of prints - of foxes and bears, badgers and fawns - help in some small way to create a happy and fun environment.