How to buy a gift for a new baby

8 great tips to help you make the best selection

Girl or Boy?

 If you’re after a baby shower gift and not yet sure of the sex then you’ve come to the right place. We design a unisex collection of baby essentials that will help take the stress out of the selection. Choose from super cute rompers and blankets to comfort-driven leggings, sweatshirts and joggers.

Buy the next size up 

 New arrivals are often swamped with tiny baby gifts but babies grow quickly, so they don’t always get enough wear out of those pieces which can feel like a waste. Help parents by choosing a gift for the next stage.

A muslin is ALWAYS a good idea

With a new baby, you can never have enough of them, and if it’s a super cute, giant sized fox printed one, all the better! Muslins are an all-round essential used for swaddling, burping, wiping, snuggling and even as a loose, lightweight sun shade draped over the pram.

Personalise it!

Is there anything more special than a gift that’s been personalised? Our new embroidery service will ensure you give something truly unique. Choose between a name or initials on a selection of our favourites (coming soon!).

Don’t forget about the nursery

Decorating baby rooms can be expensive so the gift of a gorgeous sheet, blanket, duvet or print for the wall will be a very welcome addition and also one that lasts 

Think of the bigger picture 

When buying for the next generation it’s only right that we should be environmentally aware. Choosing a gift that’s organic, is printed with baby-safe inks and uses recycled packaging is an important and considered decision.

Buying for a group? 

If you’re buying on behalf of larger office or family collection, take a look at our perfectly curated newborn gift sets that include a beautiful starter edit of essentials.

Let them choose

And if you’re still unsure of what to pick, choose a voucher, that way the parents can select exactly what they want in the size they need.
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